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Born in America  Born in America – 7th generation on Father’s side and 1st generation on mother’s side

Sarah Agnes Skeggs (Paternal Grandmother) was born into poverty on the 21 January 1868 in New York City. She was the youngest of five children born to James Skeggs and Rachel Dugan. Sarah married Henry Paul Jr. in 1888 in Greenwich Village. They had eleven children (only seven lived to be adults,) all born in Greenwich Village.

Walter James Paul –  B 24 Mar 1889 – married Florence Clair B1890 N.Y. –   2 daughters – D 21 Aug 1919 at age 30

Sarah Ann Paul – B 16 Oct 1890  –  married Leo Healy B1890 N.Y. – 4 sons – D  Jan 1968 at age 73

Henry Frederick Paul  B 24 Feb 1892 – married Roseanna Kelly B1895 N.Y. – 6 daughters & 1 son – D 1956 at age 64

Edward Joseph Paul 11 Feb 1897 – married Ethel Morris B1900 N.Y. – 4 sons & 4 daughters – D1954 age 57

George Dewey Paul 27 Sep 1898 – married Hazel Early B1900 N.Y. – 2 daughters – D Sep 1971 at age 73

Grace Paul 25 Jun 1902 married (1) Joseph Sprague B 1900 N.Y.  (2) Michael Murphy B1895 N.Y. (3) Thomas Corrigan B 1902 N.Y.  –  7 daughters – D  Oct 1973 at age 71

Mabel Paul 18 Mar 1906 – married Thomas Russell B1895 N.Y. – 1 son  –  Died with son in childbirth on 27 Jan 1926 at age 20


After Henry Paul Sr. death, Sarah married Jeremiah Lucey B1868 N.Y.  They had one son,

William Lucey B 7 Sep 1908 – married Ethel Unknown B1910 – 2 sons & 2 daughters – D 2 Jan 1991 age 82

Sarah Skeggs was a lifelong resident of New York City, and all of her 36  grandchildren as well own children were born there. She died in Greenwich Village in 1941 at the age of 73.



Born in America Born in America – 1st Generation

Henry Paul Jr. was born at 140 Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village, New York City in 1862. It was the desire to know the true nationality of Henry that sparked my first interest in Genealogy.  At the time, not much was known about Henry other then he died of tuberculosis in 1906 when my father, Edward Joseph Paul was nine years old. My sister, Marion started the search in 1989 by sending for our father’s birth certificate. From this document we learned his father, Henry’s age, birthplace and occupation (driver horse-drawn truck.)

Flag_of_Germany Henry’s parents were German Immigrants. Henry Paul Sr. B1815 in Kassel, Hesse, Germany  and Mathilde Thekla Merrkel B1827 in Gruneplan, Holzminden, Lower Saxony, Germany.  It is more then likely that the unstable political climate following the Revolution of 1848 in the German States was the reason Henry and Thekla both decided to leave Germany in 1849 and migrate to America.  They married about 1850 and their five children were all born at 140 Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village.  After four stillbirths (2 male named Henry and 2 unknown)  their twin daughters, Sophia and Henrietta were born in 1857, Louisa in 1859, and finally a male child that survived, our Henry in 1862. One more son, Frederic was born in 1864. It is rumored that Henry Sr. owned a varnish business and worked for Henry Steinway & Sons. Henry Sr. died in 1865 leaving his wife with very young children, and  no real means to support them. I believe after her husband’s business was sold Thekla started a laundry service from the home they owned and rented out rooms to lodgers.

The twins eventually married well and moved to Queens. Henrietta Paul had 8 children with her husband, John Louis Rebholtz a wood carver who is believed to have worked for Steinway & Sons.  Sophia Paul had 9 children (6 with her 1st husband William H. Tappy (Blindmaker) and 3 more children with Joseph Whirtley (Stair builder/Carpentar.) Louisa Paul who worked as a servant died young and never married.  Henry Paul married the impoverished, Sarah Skeggs and they had 11 children, but only 7 lived to be adults. The youngest son, Frederick Paul married (Isabelle Woodruff?), but had no children.

Henry Paul Sr. B1815 – D 15 Sep 1865 – at age 50

Mathilde Thekla Merkel B1827 – D Apr 1900 at age 72

*Henrietta Paul B1857 – D1899 – at age 41

Sophia Paul B1857 -D1907 – at age 50

Louisa Paul B1859 – D1885 – at age 26

Henry Paul B1862 – D1906 – at age 44

Frederic Paul B1864 – D1936 – at age 72

With the exception of *Henrietta the family, including 4 stillborn babies, are buried in the “Paul Family Plot” at the Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery in Middle Village, New York. Henrietta is buried elsewhere with her husband, John Louis Rebholtz. In 1881 (around the time the Brooklyn Bridge was being built) a judgment was issued by Steinway and Company against Sophia Paul and others for default on payment of land located on Theodore and Albert Streets in Long Island City.

It had been long rumored in the family that at one time,  “Henry Paul Sr.” owned land somewhere over the Brooklyn Bridge. This may have been the very land they were talking about.




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