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Do We Really Need Guns To Protect Ourselves From Each Other?

It has been a little over 15 years since I started keeping a journal. There is no rhyme or reason for my entries I just enter my thoughts as the mood strikes. From my journal dated October 31, 2016

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 2nd great grandson. It’s Halloween and his older brother’s costume will portray him as a tomahawk wielding, Indian. Another choice was to dress the two-year-old up as a gun slinging cowboy. Maybe it was the second option for a costume that got me thinking about the 2nd Amendment and our countries obsession with an individual’s right to own a gun.  Whatever the reason I was motivated to write down my thoughts on the subject after I asked myself the question….

“Do We Really  Need Guns To Protect Ourselves From Each Other”?

Today I find myself thinking about my pioneer ancestors and how guns were a means of necessity to feed their families. These adventurous men and woman who formed the 13 colonies used guns to protect themselves from wild animals, Indian attacks and eventually British rule.

In 1775 there were a little over 2 million people living throughout the colonies. Over 90% of them were farmers who had large families and lived miles and miles from their nearest neighbor. When the British colonies declared independence in 1776 and formed the United States they did not have an army. Previously each of the 13 colonies had relied heavily on its own militia to defend themselves against foreign aggression. These part time civilian soldiers were able to adequately fill this role before the start of the Revolutionary War.

At the time of America’s war for independence the Continental Congress put together a small army to help the state militia fight for freedom against British rule. However the first full army for the newly formed United States was not established until June of 1784.  Still in 1791 the Constitution drafters were hoping that the militia would remain the countries primary means of land defense against external forces and those interfering with the will of the people of the newly formed nation.

225 years ago when our forefathers ratified the 2nd Amendment they could have never foreseen the expansion of the United States. How could they have ever predicted England as our Ally? And that today there would be almost 323 million people living in 50 states, and of that number 80% would be living in cities? How could they have ever envisioned going to shopping centers for food and clothing, that the wild animal population would be brought under control, and that the Native American man would become a peaceful member of society? How could they have ever known that each state would have their own law enforcement to protect their citizens, and every city and town in America would have their own Police Department to protect their residents? Could the Colonial Revolutionaries ever have imagined a million plus active personnel in the United States Military defending the nation in which they had founded?

Do you think that in today’s society these same men who drafted the Constitution  would stand by the 2nd Amendment? Or do you think they would ask themselves… ” Do We Really Need Guns To Protect Ourselves from Each Other”?


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