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Born in America Born in America 1678 – 2nd generation

Jonathan Irish was born in the frontier of Sakonnet in the Plymouth Colony on the 6th June in 1678. He was the second oldest son of twelve (4 boys and 8 girls) born to John Irish Jr. and Elizabeth Thurston. Along with his brothers and sisters he grew up in Sakonnet in a house on lot #16 that was built by his father in 1675. Much land in this remote out post of the colony had been deeded to his father by his grandfather, John Irish “The Immigrant.” In 1682 Sakonnet was incorporated by the Plymouth Colony and renamed Little Compton.

In 1702 at age twenty-four Jonathan married Mary Taylor and they had seven children all born in Little Compton between 1703 and 1719. When Jonathan’s father, John Jr. died in 1717, he was left rights to 30 acres of land on lot #17. It was so stipulated in the will of John Irish Jr. that his son, thirty-nine-year-old, Jonathan was to receive  the land “west end at the water side and east to the brook where spring is.” His oldest brother, David got lot #16 with the original homestead and the remaining land that ran to the highway went to his brother, John. Another brother, Jedediah inherited his father’s land holdings in Middleboro.  John Irish Jr.’s daughters did not receive land, but were instead left money which was the custom of the day.

Jonathan spent his whole life living in Little Compton and he died there on the 11th of August of 1732 at the age of fifty-four. In all likelihood he is buried in the Quaker Cemetery behind the Quaker Meeting House that is directly across the street from the original John Irish Jr. Farm. Most of the markings on the tombstones in the old burying grounds are illegible, and there are no records to prove that it’s where Jonathan Irish is buried .


Born in America Born in America – 3rd generation

Mary Taylor was born in Little Compton, Plymouth Colony on the 25th of October in 1682. Her parents were John Taylor and Abigail ? both born in Newport, Plymouth Colony. Mary married Jonathan Irish in 1702 at age twenty and gave birth to Susanna in 1703, Samuel in 1705, Priscilla in 1707, Mary in 1711, *JESSE in 1712, Anna in 1713 and Hanna Irish in 1719. Like her husband Mary spent her entire life in Little Compton and died there in 1743 at age sixty.  More then likely Mary is lying in rest next to her husband, Jonathan in the old burying grounds of the Quaker cemetery in Little Compton.



Born in America Born in America 1657/58 – 2nd generation

John Taylor was born in Newport, Rhode Island in June of 1657/8. His father, Robert Taylor was born in England and his mother, Mary Hodges was born in the Plymouth Colony before 1625. John married Abigail ? in Little Compton in 1681 and they had seven children. After Abigail’s death in 1720 he married a Sarah. It appears that John Taylor was a man of wealth and left a good bit of money to his children and grandchildren when he died in Little Compton on the 9th of June 1747, at the age of 90.  1747 is the same year that Little Compton became part of Newport County, Rhode Island. 



Born in America  Born in America 1660 – 2nd generation?

Abigail ? was born in Little Compton about 1660. Not much is known about Abigail and there’s much confusion over her parentage! Her mother is UNKNOWN and her rumored father, John Hodges (7XGGF?) was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1630 and died in Little Compton in 1655 (year was before her birth.) Abigail and John Taylor married in 1681 and had seven children MARY B1682, Anna B1686, Margaret B1688, Lydia B1691, John B1694 (married Joanna Wilbore,) Robert B1695 and Philip B1697. Abigail died in Little Compton in 1720 at age 60.


England to America

England to America 1646

Robert Taylor was born in 1621 in Little Leigh, Cheshire, England (SEE OLD ENGLAND.) His parents were Thomas Taylor and Mary Barrow. As an indentured servant Robert secured passage by signing a 3 to 7 year contract.  He married Mary Hodges one year into his contract which probably extended his indenture to 10 years. In 1646 he was listed as a rope maker and living in Scituate in the Plymouth Colony (SEE NEW ENGLAND.)  Robert and Mary Hodges had 7 children while they lived in Scituate and 4 more children after moving to Newport, Rhode Island. In 1655 he was listed as a Freeman living in Newport. In 1664 Robert paid a fine to the Newport Court on behalf of his oldest daughter, Mary after she entered a plea of guilt for fornication with George Hulate (the couple later married.) In 1673, Robert was appointed by Newport’s General Assembly to be Prison Keeper. He owned a farm at Taylor Point (now called Ochre Point) in Newport. He obtained the original land grant for this property which is today the land where the VANDERBUILT MANSION is located. Robert Taylor died in Newport, Rhode Island on the 13th of January 1688 at age 67.



Born in America  Born in America 1625 – 1st generation

Mary Hodges was born in the Plymouth Colony sometime before 1625. This makes Mary one of the first of the pilgrims children to be born in the new world! Her father was Captain John Twiggs Hodges and her mother was Mary Miller, both born in England. The children born to her marriage with Robert Taylor were Peter 1646, James 1646, Mary 1647, Ann 1650, Margaret 1652, Lydia 1653, Robert 1653 and Philip 1656, John 1657, Abigail 1660 and Peter Taylor 1661.


England to America

England to America 1623

John Twigg Hodges was born in 1595 in Wapping, Middlesex, England (SEE OLD England.) His parents were Humphrey Twigg Hodges and Margaret Timperly.  He married Mary Miller in England in 1617 and they had seven children. John was a mariner on the ship Lion and possibly arrived in Virginia in 1623 however he didn’t take up residence with his family in Charlestown Massachusetts until about 1625 (SEE NEW ENGLAND.)

Ship Rebecca The Rebecca

John Twigg Hodges was Captain on the schooner “The Rebecca” and it is on record that in 1635 he was taking passengers and freight from London, England to New England. In 1635 and 1636 he was making constant trips in the Rebecca, plying between Boston and Connecticut with letters and commissions of Gov. John Winthrop Sr. of Massachusetts and Gov. John Winthrop Jr. of Connecticut. He sailed north to the Ile of Sable for Sea Horse and cows, and south to Bermuda and returned with “30,000 weight of potatoes and store of oranges and limes.” John Twigg’s became a very large land owner in Charlestown, Massachusetts and died there on 10th of October 1654, at the age of 58.


England to America

England to America 1625

Mary Miller was born in the county of Dorset, England (SEE OLD ENGLAND) in 1602 and John Miller and Anne Winterhay were her parents. Mary married John Twiggs Hodges in 1617 in England at the age of 15.  They had seven children John B1618, Nicholas B1619, Thomas B1621, Humphrey B1623, Mary B1625, Sarah B1628 and John Hodges B1630. More than likely the first four children were born in England and the last three after she arrived in the new world and settled in Charlestown abt. 1625. She married John Anderson after her husband John Twiggs’s death in 1654. Mary Miller died in Boston, Massachusetts on the 11 Mar 1693 at 88 years of age.




*JESSE IRISH (4xGGF) married to MARY ALBEE (4XGGM.) Mary’s descendants will lead us to our Presidential links with William Howard Taft, George Herbert and George Walker Bush.



















Linette Batterman
December 4th, 2014 at 8:49 pm

I have been doing family history research since 1983. I came across your blog today and enjoyed reading it very much. I am descended from Jonathan and Mary Irish, they are my 6xGGP’s. My ancestor is their son Samuel and his wife Sarah Brownell.
Looking forward to more of your posts! My Christmas present to myself this year is to do the DNA test to further my family research.
Would enjoy corresponding with you in the future.

December 5th, 2014 at 5:01 am

Linette, Jonathan Irish and Mary Taylor are my 5X great grandparents. Your GGF Samuel Irish B1705 in Little Compton, Rhode Island was their oldest son. Jesse Irish B1712 was their only other son.

Linette Batterman
December 4th, 2014 at 9:00 pm

My lineage is Me: Linette Peterson, My mother: Lucille Maxine Schanbeck B 1931, Mary Amelia Oldfield B 1913, Oliver Perry Oldfield B 1872, Perry Oliver Oldfield B 1845, Jonathan Oldfield B 1788, William Oldfield B 1750 (Married to Marah Irish B 1751, Samuel Irish B 1705. I am on

December 5th, 2014 at 5:02 am

Linette, I’ve posted the information you provided to my family tree. It turns out that we are 6X Cousins 1X Removed.

Karen Montana
January 8th, 2015 at 12:38 pm

Hello, came across your blog recently. My lineage is: Me, Karen Naile Manger Montana, My mother is Velma Musser Shaw, her mother was Marvel Hegle, her mother was Hazel Thompkins, her mother was Hariett Ann Olney, her father was James Olney, his father was Thomas Olney, his father was Stephen Olney who married Sarah Irish, Sarah’s father was Benjamin Irish (1735-1808), his father was Jedediah Irish (1711-1797), his father was Jedediah Irish (1688-1758). I am on and would be happy to send you an invite to my tree. Very interesting stufff!

Karen Montana
January 8th, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Jonathan Irish married to Mary Taylor is my 8th great grand uncle. So we are related too 🙂 Are you on 23andme by any chance?

January 11th, 2015 at 4:58 pm

Hi Karen,
So nice to here from you! I’m trying to figure out our connection to Jonathan Irish and Mary Taylor my 5X GGP’s. So yes I would be happy to view your tree on ancestry. Please send the invite to I’m sorry I’m not familiar with 23 and me. What is it? Kathleen


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