John Irish Jr. farm built in 1675

John Irish Jr. House built 1675 Painting The old farm is situated directly across the street from the Old Friends Meeting House with a plaque that reads: “HOME OF JOHN IRISH JR. 2nd SETTLER OF LITTLE COMPTON, RHODE ISLAND BLOCK HOUSE”




Founder's Monument - Old Burying Grounds in Hartford, Connecticut  OLD BURYING GROUNDS HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT RICHARD RISLEY, was a man of position who came to the New World in 1633 for religious reasons. He was  one of the signers of “The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.” The document is generally considered to be “The 1st written constitution in western history.” He is (7XGGM) Elizabeth Risley’s brother.






Founders Monument Mendon, Massachusetts Colony

Benjamin Albee (7XGGF) and Walter Cooke (7XGGF) were two of the original founders of Mendon, MA.



GREEN-WOOD CEMETERY                                      

Brooklyn, New York

Green-Wood Cemetery's History THEN Entrance to Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY NOW Green-wood Cemetery Brooklyn This beautiful landscape for burial was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1838.  The Historical Cemetery was built long before Central Park and served as the early 19th centuries place for city dwellers to go for picnics and casual Sunday strolls. At it’s highest point the cemetery overlooks Manhattan and is where the Battle of Brooklyn was fought in August of 1776.  Last year, Rachel Dugan my great grandmother was found in an unmarked grave at Green-wood Cemetery, buried  with her sons, Samuel Skeggs who died in 1881 and James Skeggs Jr. who died in May of 1889. Rachel died that same year in November of 1889 and has rested lying in peace here for 125 years. She is the only one of my 4 paternal great, grandparents I know little about other then she was born in Ireland about 1836. Rachel was one of the 800.000 starving Irish that left Ireland during the Potato Famine.

Recently I attended a New York Writer’s Coalition Workshop that was held at Green-wood Cemetery and I was prompted to look out on to the cemetery and be inspired by my surroundings and I wrote a poem which I have since dedicated to Rachel and her boys. On the day of my last class I visited Rachel’s grave and asked her for her help. I told her that her husband, James Skeggs died two years after she did and was buried not far away in the Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn. I mentioned that I traced his family all the way back to the Pilgrims after l had looked for him for a very long time, and almost gave up! And how I asked Rachel to point me in the right direction in finding her ancestors. Before I left using a pen I bore a hole in the dirt of the grave and inserted the poem I  titled STILLNESS…. (SEE POEMS/QUOTES.)



Wilbor House 1690 WILBOR HOUSE BUILT IN 1690 

Wilbor Hoouse - Living Room Living Room

Wilbor House - Bedroom Bedroom

 Wilbore House - 8 generation sign Descendants of Samuel Wilbor owned this home for 8 generations.

The Wilbor House was built by Samuel Wilbor (5xGGUNCLE) brother to Benjamin Wilbor (5XGGF) sons of William Wilbore (6XGGF)

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