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Born in America Born in America 1749 – 4th generation

Jonathan Irish was born on the 29 of December 1749 in Nine Partners, New York. He was one of 8 sons and 5 daughters born to Jesse Irish and Mary Albee.   Jonathan moves in 1774 at age 25 with his parents and siblings to Danby, Vermont and marries Deborah Wilbur. The Revolutionary War began on the 19 of April 1775 and like his father, Jesse Irish, Jonathan was a Quaker and tried to maintain neutrality. While a small number of the Society of Friends fought for liberty the Irish family like most other Quakers did not consider these to be real Quakers. However because Jonathan and his 7 brothers refused to take up arms against the King they were suspected of being Tories. His brother, Abel was taken from his bed and abused and was kept close prisoner for 7 weeks. Then on the 27 of July 1777 his brother, *John was killed by the Patriots. Afterwards the murder Jonathan’s oldest brother, William joined Burgoyne’s Army and was captured when he tried to visit his family. William was them jailed for 10 months before he escaped with his wife and 10 children (he stayed in Canada for 7 years before returning with his family to Danby.) Then in 1778 his brother, David was imprisoned and sold into slavery. I do not have any information on what happened during the Revolutionary War to Jonathan or his brothers, Jesse Jr., Peter, or Stephen, but I do know that his father, Jesse Irish Sr. died in 1778. Most probably of a broken heart (SEE SHORT STORIES – *THE MURDER OF JOHN IRISH.) It is believed that most of the land owned by Jesse Irish and his sons in Danby, Vermont was confiscated after the war ended.

8/16 -UPDATE RECENTLY DISCOVERED that Jonathan and one of his brothers became Patriots and served with the New York Militia. More information to follow


Born in America BORN IN AMERICA 1756 – 3rd generation

Deborah Wilbur was born on the 11th of Novemeber 1756 to George Wilbor and Deborah Randall.  In 1774 she married Jonathan Irish and they would go on to have 7 children while living in Danby, Vermont (Israel B1774, Milly B1776, Samuel B1777, George B1778, Rachel B1780, Susannah 1780, Abel 1784 and Wilber B1793. About 1794 Deborah moved with her husband, Jonathan Irish and 7 children to Peru, New York. Three more children would be born there Jonathan Jr. B1794, Hannah B1795 and Mary Irish 1797. After Jonathan Sr. died in 1832, Deborah moved back to Danby and died there in 1847 at age 91. Deborah Wilbur was the 1st DNA connection made to my family, and she is the reason why I began tracing my English  Roots                                                                

DEBORAH WILBUR’S (Wilbur, Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbore and Wildbore) PATERNAL SIDE OF HER FAMILY:



Born in America  Born in America 1718 – 2nd generation

Deborah’s father George Wilbor was born in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode, Island on the 23rd of September 1718 to Benjamin Wilbore and Elizabeth Head. He married Deborah Randall in 1747. Not much is known about George other then he was a Quaker and died in Danby, Vermont in1777 at age 59. He was rumored to be a Preacher.


Born in America Born in America 1670 – 1st generation

Benjamin Wilbore was the youngest son of William Wilbore and Martha Holmes and was born 1670 in Tiverton in the Plymouth Colony. He married Mary Kinnicut in 1700 in Tiverton and had four children (Daniel 1701, William B1703, Benjamin B1705 and Samuel B1708.) After Mary’s death in 1708 he married Elizabeth Head 2nd of November in 1710 in Tiverton and had 8 more children. He moved to Dartmouth in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1720 and died there in 1729 at age 59.


Born in America Born in America 1682 – 2nd generation 

Elizabeth Head was born in Little Compton in the Plymouth Colony in 1682 to Henry Head and Elizabeth Ketchum or Lovett. She married the widower, Benjamin Wilbore on the 2 of November 1710. Children born of this union were Abigail B1711, Bathsheba B1712, Henry B1716, George B1718, Elizabeth B1720, Mary B1722, Joseph B1725 Meribah B1729. Elizabeth died in Little Compton in 1734 at age 52.



England to America

England to America – Unknown

Henry Head was born on 23rd of September 1647 in England and the exact date of his arrival is unknown, but he came as an indentured servant. He married Elizabeth Ketchum/Lovett in 1677 and resided in 1682 in Portsmouth (R.I.)  In 1683 Henry became “deputy” Rep to the Plymouth Colony and was living in Little Compton (R.I.) He was involved in the Almay’s tax  Revolt of 1692 and was imprisoned in Boston in 1693 and sent to prison until he paid a fine of 150 pounds. Henry purchased GOOSEWING FARM (SEE – THE LONG ROAD HOME) in Little Compton in 1708. The farm is near the ocean and is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhode Island. Henry Head is also the 6XGGF to FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (SEE PRESIDENTIAL LINKS.) Henry died in Little Compton on the 1st of July 1716 at age 69 leaving a large inheritance. He is buried in the Head lot on Maple Avenue in Little Compton.


Born in America Born in America 1654 – 1st generation

Elizabeth Ketchum or Lovett was born in Sakonett/Little Compton in 1654, but there seems to be confusion over whether her parents were Edward Ketchum and Mary Hall or John Lovett and Mary Grant. Elizabeth married Henry Head in 1677 and they had 7 children (Jonathan B1676, Henry Jr. B1680, Elizabeth B1682, Mary B1684, *Innocent B1686, Benjamin B1687 and Edith B1710.)  She died on Jan 11th in 1748 at age 94. More information will be updated on Mary’s parentage when and if it becomes available. *Their daughter, *Innocent is our connection to FDR.



England to America

England to America 1653

William Wilbore was born the 21st of May 1630 in Braintree, Essex, England. Son of John Wilbore and Joanna Drane. William was a weaver by trade and his family in England were wealthy wool merchants. He married Martha Holmes in 1653 the year of his arrival from England.  William was the cousin of *Samuel Wilbore of Boston (a signer of the Portsmouth Compact.) *SEE FOUNDING FATHERS Samuel transferred land to him on 10th of July 1654 in Portsmouth and he owned other land bordering Samuel Sr. and Samuel Jr.’s properties in Portsmouth (on the West Road near the coal mines.) He lived on a farm which later became the Burrington Anthony Farm on the road that leads to the ferry.  Besides owning land in Portsmouth, he bought much land in Little Compton and about 1690 4 of his sons settled there (**Samuel, William Jr., John and Joseph.) He had two other sons Daniel who settled in Swansea and Benjamin who settled in Dartmouth, MA. William died on the 15th of April in 1710 at 79 years of age. William’s son **Samuel built Wilbor House (Now home of the Little Compton Historical Society) in 1690 – 1692.


Born in America Born in America 1640 – 1st generation

Martha Holmes was born on 13th of May 1640 in Newport (R.I.) Although the identity of her parents are unknown we do know that she was christened in Salem, Massachusetts in 1640. Martha married William Wilbore in Tiverton in the Plymouth Colony in 1653 and they had 10 children (Mary B1654, Joseph B1656, John B1658, Thomas B1659, William B1660, Martha B1662, Samuel B1664, Daniel B1666, Johanna B1658 and Benjamin B1670.) Martha died on the 30th of December in 1711 in Newport, Rhode Island at the age of 71. More information on Martha’s parents will be updated when and if it becomes available.





Born in America  Born in America 1721 – 3rd generation

Deborah Randall was born the 24th of Sep 1721 in Gloucester, MA., and her parents were Robert Randall and Dorcas Babson. She married George Wilbur in 1747 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts. She died in Danby, Vermont? in 1777 at age 56.


Born in America Born in America 1695 – 2nd generation

Robert Randall was born on 4th of September 1695 in Scituate, MA., and his parents were Isaac Randall and Deborah Buck. He married Dorcas Babson on 19th of January 1720/1721. He died after 1764 in Massachusetts



Born in America Born in America 1697 – 2nd generation

Dorcus Babson was born on the 26th of June in 1697 in Gloucester MA., and her parents were John Babson and Dorcas Elwell.  She married Robert Randall on the 19th of Janusry 1720/1721.


Born in America Born in America 1658 – 1st generation

Isaac Randall was born on the 9th of January 1658 in Scituate, MA., and his parents were William Randall and Elizabeth Barstow. He married Deborah Buck on the 29th of November in 1692 and they had 9 children. Isaac died on the 10th of July 1759 in Plymouth, Massachusetts at age 101.


Born in America Born in America 1st generation

Deborah Buck was born in Scituate, MA. on the 25th of November 1670, and her parents were John Buck and Elizabeth Holbrook. She married Isaac Randall and they had 9 children Deborah 1693, Robert 1695, Ruth 1697, Gideon 1699, Rachel 1701, Caleb 1703, Elizabeth 1705, Mary 1707 and Abigail 1709.



England to America

England to America 1635

William Randall was born in London, England in 1609, and his parents were Simon Randall and Jane Stephens. He arrived in  Scituate in the Plymouth Colony in 1635 at age 26, and married Elizabeth Barstow there in 1640. He died in Scituate, MA. on the 13th of October 1693 at age 84.


England to America

England to America 1637

Elizabeth Barstow was born in Filby, Norfolk, England in 1618, and her parents were John Buck and Elizabeth Holbrook. She died in Scituate, Plymouth Colony on the 24th of December in 1672.


England to America

England to America 1637

Cornet, John Buck was born in England in 1627 and and his father was James Buck and Lydia Unknown. John died in the Plymouth Colony in 1697.


Born in America Born in America 1645 – 1st generation

Elizabeth Holbrook was born in 1645 in Weymouth, MA., and her parents were Captain William Holbrook and Elizabeth Pitts. She died in 1685 at age 40.


England to America

England to America 1638

James Buck was born in Kent, England in 1595 and as a widower, he arrived to the new world one year after his son, John Buck. He died in Hingham Plymouth Colony in 1646.


England to America

England to America 1647

William Holbrook was born in Glastonbury, England in 1620 and he died in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1699.


England to America

England to America 1638

Elizabeth Pitts was born in Hingham, Norfolk, England in 1620 and died in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1688.


England to America

England to America 1638

William Pitts, Elizabeth’s father was born in Hingham, Norfolk England in 1592 and died in Marblehead. Essex, Massachusetts in 1668.


England to America

England to America 1638 Pitts

Elizabeh’s maiden name is unknown, but she was the mother of Elizabeth Pitts. Elizabeth UKN was born in England in 1596 and died in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1655.




Born in America Born in America 1660 – 1st generation

John Babson was born on the 27th of November in 1660 in Gloucester, MA. He married Dorcas Elwell on the 8th of November in 1686 in Essex, Massachustts.  John died in 1737 at age 77.


England to America

England to America 1637

James Babson was born in Bristol, Somerset, England on the 7th of March in 1622. At age 15 he arrived in Salem, Massachusetts with his mother Isabel and brother, Richard. James built the first factory in Rockport, Massachusetts. He was a cooper by trade and made barrels (SEE LANDMARKS AND MUSEUMS.)  He died in Gloucester, Massachusetts on the 21st of December in 1683.


England to America

England to America 1642

Elinor Hill was born in England in 1631 and married James Babson and they had 10 children. Nine years after her husband died, in 1692 along with her son, Ebenezer Babson she ACCUSED two woman of being witches (SEE SALEM WITCH HUNT.) She died in Gloucester, Massachusetts on the 14th of March in 1713 at age 82.


England to America

England to America 1637

Isabel’s maiden name is unknown, but she was born in England in 1579. As a widow she arrived in Salem in 1637 with her two sons. Isabel was run out of Salem about 5 years later (Some 50 years before the Salem Witch Hunt) for practicing midwifery. Isabel settled in Gloucester, MA. and was a well respected member of the community (SEE LANDMARKS AND MUSUEMS – ISABEL BABSON LIBRARY.)



Born in America Born in America 1666 – 2nd generation

Dorcus Elwell was born in Massachusets 1666 and married John Babson in 1686. She died in June of 1737 at age 71.



Born in America Born in America  1644- 1st generation

Josiah Elwell was born in Salem, Massachusetts on the 22nd of June. in 1644, and died at sea in 1679 at age 35.



Born in America Born in America 1646 – 1st generation

Mary Collins was born on the 8th of march  in 1646 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She died in Essex, Massachusetts on the 9th of March in 1725 at age 79.


England to America

England to America 1633

Robert Elwell was born in Dorset, England in 1609 and died in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1683. His son Samuel’s wife, Esther (Dutch) Elwell was accused of being a witch in 1692 as well as other members of her family (SEE THE SALEM WITCH HUNT.) Another son, John Elwell was captured by the Indians and died in captivity in 1710 at age 71.



England to America

England to America 1633

Joanne Dolliver was born in Dorset, England in 1617 and arrived to the new world with her husband, Robert Elwell at age 16. She died in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1679.



England to America

England to America 1636

John Collins was born in England in 1616 and died ?


England to America

England to America 1640

Joane Walker was born in England in 1608 and died in Gloucester, Massachusetts 1695.








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