Founding Fathers

                                                        IMPORTANT FOUNDING FATHERS IN THE LIVE’S OF OUR ANCESTORS                                                                                            ( ALPHABETICAL ORDER by LAST NAME) 



John Alden House Now a museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts

JOHN ALDEN- was a crew member on the historic 1620 voyage of the Pilgrim ship Mayflower. Rather then return with the ship to England the twenty-one year old stayed in Plymouth. He was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact. He married Priscilla Mullins whose entire family perished in the first winter in the new world. He served a number of important government positions such as Assistant Governor, Duxbury Deputy to the General Court of Plymouth, Captain Myles Standish’s Duxbury militia company, as a member of the council of war. Treasurer of Plymouth Colony and Commissioner to Yarmouth.



Painting of the signing of the Mayflower Compact   PAINTING

WILLIAM BRADFORD was born in 1590 in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England. He is one of the original Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 and signer of the “Mayflower Compact After the ship anchored and the time came for them to search for a place of settlement, Bradford volunteered to be a member of the exploration party.  These men that included Myles Standish  made three separate ventures from the ship by boat and foot. After their third exploration away from the Mayflower they found an ideal spot suitable for settlement. It was an abandoned Native America village where much of the area had been cleared for planting crops. This location is now the site of downtown, Plymouth Massachusetts. When the successful exploring party made it’s way back to the boat, Bradford learned of the death of his wife, Dorothy. She had slipped over the side of the Mayflower and drowned.  Bradford was the man who stepped forward in the Plymouth Colony when the first governor to be elected, perished during the pilgrims first winter in the new world. Bradford was elected governor for the next thirty-five years (1621-1656.) He presided over the general court and under his guidance Plymouth never became a Bible Commonwealth like their larger and more influential neighbor the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He wrote “Plymouth Plantation” one of the most important early chronicles of New England.  Governor, William Bradford died in 1657 at age seven.



Governor William Brenton Governor of Rhode Island 1666 – 1669  

WILLIAM BRENTON (7xGG Uncle) was born in Hammersmith, England in 1608. His father was Magistrate William Brenton (6XGGF) and he was brother to Catherine Brenton (7XGGM.) The family were persons of wealth and high social standing during the reign of King Charles I. In 1633 William shipped on the “Griffin” carrying with him a commission from the King to be a surveyor of New England. That same year he was admitted to the church in Boston and admitted a Freeman the 14th of May 1634. In 1635 he became a Representative and 1634 – 1637 he was selectman of Boston. In 1638 he moved to Rhode Island where on August 20th he was admitted Freeman in Portsmouth. In January of 1639 he became one of the elders who were for the first time appointed to assist Judge Coddington.  With the judge and others he signed an agreement to propagate a plantation in the midst of the island of Aquidneck He moved to Newport, Rhode Island in 1639 where he was allotted four lots. He was also allotted the point of land where Fort Adams later stood.He built an estate in 1640 which he called Hammersmith after his home in England.  Hammersmith, for its time is rumored to have been the finest home in all of New England. It was called the house of the 7 chimney’s and is said to have had a central hall 16 feet wide. In 1647 he became deputy governor of Aquidneck. About 1650 he moved to Boston where he served as selectman 1652-1657. In 1659 he was given a large tract on the west side of Narragansett Bay at the same time he received some 800 acres in what is now New Hampshire on the Merrimac River. When he returned to Newport in May of 1660, he was elected President of the united towns and served for two years. He served as Deputy Governor of Rhode Island from November 1663 until May of 1665. In May 1666 William Brenton succeeded Benedict Arnold , under the new charter and served until May of 1669. In 1670 he moved to Taunton, Massachusetts where he was living in May of 1672 when he was elected again Governor of Rhode Island. At this point he refused to serve, so  Nicholas Easton was elected.  William Brenton died in Rhode Island in 1674 at age 66.

In 1887 a new estate was built on the property for the great, grandfather of Jackie Kennedy’s stepfather, and was called Hammersmith Farm after the 1st settler of the land. The wedding reception of Jacquelyn Bouviar and John Fitzgerald Kennedy took place at Hammersmith and they spent so much time there during his presidency that it was referred to as the “Summer White House.”



Situate Map - Men of Kent, England1633 Map of Situate – Settlement established by the men of Kent, England.

TIMOTHY HATHERLY was born in 1583 in Tenderdon, Kent, England. He was one of the merchant adventures who financed the Pilgrims voyage in 1620, but didn’t venture himself to the Plymouth Colony until 1623. However soon after his arrival his house with all his belongings burnt to the ground, and he returned that winter to England. Then in 1631 he began a pattern which lasted for three to four years of coming to the Plymouth Colony early in the year, and then returning to England after a few weeks or months.  He initially was more interested in trade than in settlement, but soon he began to make preparations to stay in New England permanently. In 1634 he settled in  Scituate a town he helped establish from common land.  There are many letters in Governor, William Bradford, “History of Plymouth Colony,” attesting to Mr. Hatherly’s work on the colony’s behalf. The Mayflower’s benefactor held many government offices including Assistant Governor and Commissioner for Plymouth to the United Colonies, as well as serving on numerous committees. Timothy Hatherly was mentioned in Myles Standish’s will as a good friend and was known as the “Father of Scituate.” He died in Scituate on the 24th of Oct 1666, at age eighty-three.



Anne_Hutchinson_on_Trial  On trial in Boston

ANNE HUTCHINSON was tried, convicted and banished from Boston for her religious views. She was a remarkable woman who was the mother of 15 children and the leader of the first community in the new world to be founded by a woman. In 1636, Anne and her followers arrived at Aquidneck Island, where they purchased land from the Native Americans and settled in the northern end of the island in an area known as Pocasett (Portsmouth). This group later split and some moved south to form Newport in 1639.  However sometime in the summer of 1642 before  Portsmouth and Newport became part of the Colony of Rhode Island, Anne and her husband moved with some of their children  out of the Bay area.

Hutchinson_massacre Massacre of Anne Hutchinson The Hutchinson Family settled in New Netherland (Now known as the Bronx, New York.)  With the exception of a 9 year old daughter who was out picking berries, Anne and her husband along with the rest of their children were massacred by the Siwanoy Indians.




*RICHARD RISLEY was born about 1612 in Lancashire, England, and was the son of Richard Tattersall Risley and Ann Hyde. He was an early Puritan settler in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In May of 1636, Risley left Newton, Massachusetts with Rev. Thomas Hooker and almost the entire company he arrived with two and a half years earlier. The group headed west through the wilderness, and after a month stopped in an area now occupied by the city of Hartford, Connecticut. Within a year, they adopted what is now generally considered the first written constitution in Western history, “The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.” The present-day state capitol building in Hartford sits on the original Risley land grant.  At age thirty-three, Risley died in Connecticut of Typhoid in October of 1648, leaving his wife Mary Arnold and three small children ages two months to eight years. SEE LANDMARKS *Brother to Elizabeth Risley, wife of John Irish “The Immigrant.”



Standish Home in Duxbury This home built by Myles Standish’s son on the Captain’s farm in Duxbury is still standing. MYLES STANDISH was born in 1587 in (Duxbury Woods) Chorley, Lancashire,  England. He was a professional soldier and military advisor hired by the financial backers of the Mayflower to protect the Pilgrims. Along with William Bradford he was among the 102 passengers that set sail from England on the 16th of September 1620. Although the Pilgrims had originally intended to settle near the Hudson River, bad weather and poor winds forced them (after 65 days at sea,) to seek shelter and anchor in Cape Cod Bay. Because it was late in the sailing year and because of difficulty sailing around the cape, they decided to stay in New England. It was here in the Cape Cod Bay that Standish and most of the adult men signed the “Mayflower Compact,” an agreement with the intent of which was to establish a means of governing the colony. Standish along with a party of able bodied men began exploring the area to find a suitable place to settle. The Mayflower landed in Plymouth Harbor on  on the 16th of December 1620. Myles Standish died in Duxbury (a town he helped establish with John Alden,) in 1655 at age sixty-eight.    

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